Desto Solenoid Valves – 3 Way

  • Control Air Flow Direction
  • Antrust Prove
  • Climate Proof Housing
  • Energized Loop Pointer Light & Manual Override.


Warranty Period 6 Months

Model 1325 with three-way solenoid valves are obtainable in metal or 304 stainless steel bodies. You have an option to seal and seat materials, including Acrylo-Nitrile and Viton® fulfill numerous general industry provisions. The valve’s common utilization incorporates greased up and dry air, water, light oils and other perfect media.

The valves have a metal center diaphragm and pilot worked activity. The pilot hole has interior release so it may be utilized with liquids that can’t be released into the climate. They have a more terrific stream limit and quicker reaction time than slide valves of the same size.

Some of the key options incorporate climate proof housing, energized loop pointer light and manual override.


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