1.5hp / 1.1kw Nocchi Surface Water Pump- Jet 1000m


1 X 1.5HP / 1.1KW Nocchi Surface Water Pump


Warranty Period 1 Year

Pentair Nocchi electric pumps is back in Nigeria. One of the finest, strongest, relaible and durable domestic self-priming water pumps. its JET series are suitable for pumping water for pressurising domestic installations, garden irrigation systems, fountains e.t.c

The electric pumps in this series are centrifugal and self primming with a “venturi” system inserted into the body of the pump.
The parts that come into contact with the water are all suitable for use with water for cooking. Each elecropump is carefully tested and packed.

It is made in ITALY and comes with a year warranty from the distributor and user is guranteed of a 5 year usage without hassles. Buy, install, relax and forget about water problems for a very long while. for further enquiries visit www.nocchi.it.
JET 1000M; Qmax 75 l/hr; Hmax 50m; 230V- 50Hz; 2850rpm.

Max. Temp. of liquid – 50 Degrees @ continuous operation
Max. Room Temp.- 40 Degrees
Max. ON / OFF cycles / hour – 40 equally spaced
Max. Suction Height – 9m including loading losses
Max. Working Pressure – 6 bar

1) Electropump cannot be used to move inflammable or dangerous liquids.

2) Ensure electropump never runs dry.


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